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I write about Spring, Flutter, & AWS. Work with AWS Cloud strongly focusing on Security & Serverless

Why We need Distributed Tracing in Micro services?

Why we need Design Patterns

  • MVC - (Model View Controller)

Step 1

  • Display Names​
  • Group Assertions ​
  • Conditional tests​
  • Parameterized Test(Update)​ ​
  • Dynamic tests​ ​
  • Nested tests​ ​


flutter hive integration


hive: ^1.4.4+1
path_provider: ^1.6.24
hive_flutter: ^0.3.1
hive_generator: ^0.7.0+2
build_runner: ^1.8.0
void main() async {
await Hive.initFlutter();

Micro Service Architecture

What is JWT ?

Solution 1

val path1 = "/mnt/twiterData/data/stream/*/2020/{03}/{28,29,30}/*/*/*.avro"
val path2 = "/mnt/twiterData/data/stream/*/2020/{03}/{28,29,30}/*/*/*.avro"
var avroDf ="com.databricks.spark.avro").load(path1, path2)

Sajith vijesekara

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